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Adventuring Party Commissions

Do you want your campaign and all it's wonderful characters brought to life?

PRICE: £560 (GBP) for six character (if you want more or have any questions please email me and I will let you know possibility and price!)

WHAT YOU RECEIVE: High quality digital file of your piece (ready to print) and one free A3 print mailed to you (extra can be bought).

WHY THIS PRICE? This commission is a detailed piece of original art, it will be built with enthusiasm and with a love for fun, odd characters and unique worlds!
The creation includes:

- Character designing
- Composition design
- Watercolour painting and coloured pencil
- Digital Editing
and takes about a week of dedication to one piece to complete.

Through email you will provide me with the list of your characters and detailed information of their attributes, clothes, hairstyle, personality, colours, accessories, back story etc. Enough for me to have a good understanding and be able to build a visual likeness that portrays them well!

You will also provide a backdrop you would like (for instance a cosy inn with a view out the window is used in the example) and any extra bits you think are important to the story and should be included in the piece!

One full draft is included in the original price (so please be detailed beforehand) but reasonable changes and edits can be made throughout - brand new drafts will cost extra.

Once the draft is confirmed changes cannot be made unless they are  minor or are able to be done considering how far through the process I am ( so please make sure you are definitely happy before confirming ).

Email me at to start your commission or ask me any questions!


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