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Hi! I'm Corah Louise!

I'm a freelance illustrator and character designer from the UK.

You can find my work in 3dtotal Publishing's magazines and books including their brand new Character Design Collection: Fairy Tales and Folklore.

I was also the character designer for 

a new Spanish short film 'La Primavera Simper Vuelve' which is being shown in film festivals around the world.

I have recently illustrated for Skeptic Magazine which boast 50,000 subscribers in America and over the world.

My art is a combination of watercolour, coloured pencil and digital refining. I inspire to make story led art that portrays character, mystery, magic, humanity and narrative.

I am currently experimenting and expanding my art by trying new mediums and ideas. I want to be open to varying my work and style so I am constantly learning and moving alongside my creativity, new interests and anything else that influences me along the way.

My latest work is inspired by vintage scientific illustrations that I combine with my love of quirky character designs.

I have many years experience in photoshop/digital art and am now focused on improving my watercolour painting, which I am planning on using for the foreseeable.

Thank you for visiting my site, please contact me if you have any questions or are interested in collaborating! :)

Want to Collaborate?

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instagram: corahlouiseartist

YouTube: CorahLouise

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