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Hi! I'm Corah Louise!

I'm a freelance artist from the UK

I adore animals, books, anything creative and nice coffee shops.

My art is a combination of watercolour, coloured pencil and digital refining. I inspire to make story led art that portrays character, isolation, magic, humanity and narrative. I am also inspired by nature and vintage scientific illustrations that I combine with my love of quirky character designs to create faux book plates of eerie designs.

I have recently collaborated with Adobe Photoshop for Earth Day to recreate some wonderful children's drawing of climate superheroes. 

You can find my work in 3dtotal Publishing's magazines and books including their brand new Character Design Collection: Fairy Tales and Folklore.

I was also the character designer for 

a new Spanish short film 'La Primavera Simper Vuelve' which is being shown in film festivals around the world.

I have recently illustrated for Skeptic Magazine which boast 50,000 subscribers in America and over the world.

Thank you for visiting my site, please contact me if you have any questions or are interested in collaborating! :)

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instagram: corahlouiseartist

YouTube: CorahLouise

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