Hi! I'm now offering character design feedback!

How does it work? I hear you say!

You will be sent a document with a list of categories (The Siblings, The Superhero Film, The School Club etc.). Each includes brief descriptions for three characters, you choose which category inspires you most and design the characters for it!

What will the feedback include?

I will provide feedback through email, this will be a mixture of written notes and visual notes drawn over the top of your designs. I will show what really works and what can be changed to create a stronger design! This will include story telling, pose, shape, colour etc.

How much does it cost?

It costs £37 to receive feedback on one category (three character designs). I can take payment through PayPal but if you would like to pay another way, let me know and we will sort it out!

Work format?

Your designs can be digital or traditional art, if you take the traditional route then a clear scan or photo of your characters will be needed.


Email me at corahlouise@outlook.com and name your email character design feedback. 

Please also include your Paypal address in the email and I will send you an invoice (if you are not using PayPal then just let me know that instead and we will discuss)

Once payment has been received, you will receive the character design feedback document giving you all the information on categories, character designs and what to do next etc.

When you have sent me the finished characters you will receive your feedback within two weeks (unless stated otherwise, I will let you know before if that is the case though).

Thank you, I'm looking forward to seeing your work please email me or message me on instagram (corahlouiseartist) if you have any more questions!

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