Corah Louise.


In November 2018 I joined a challenge on Instagram called Folktale week that lead to me creating this Enchanted project. I had seven prompts - Forest, magic, witch, ghost, mirror and animal. I created seven scenes inspired by these prompts that all explored sadness within the background of magic. Each image comes with a short poetic line that tells a little of the story.

Like blood running through the veins of a body, the trees carry the sadness that keeps the forest breathing.

"How did you do that?!" A small boy from the audience shouted. "Well, with magic of course!" The illusionist replied.

Oh, sweet darling. Why do you punish yourself so much?

You may have moved on and forgotten me, but all I need are the flowers to call my name.

They had lived inside for so long, that they had forgotten how beautiful the world was that lay just outside the door.

"Who are you?"

Every night he mourns for the kindness of the young human who gave him the only gift he ever received - a glowing red rose that keeps him company.

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