Corah Louise.


It's that time of year again, the time when the ghoulish, the skeletal, the monstrous and the undead all come together... to drop their children off at high school. As the first leaf falls on the first day of October, the gates creak open for the thirty new students of Hallow High.

In October of 2018, I set myself a challenge. I had 30 days to create a school of students that would be attending Hallow High, a prestigious school for monsters. I designed one character a day with a short story attached and posted them to Instagram. It ended up becoming one of my most loved projects and I have a soft spot for every student I created. Why don't you go meet them for yourself? I've even added some of their stories!

Arthur is used to not being seen , he can wander around the human cities with his note pad and pen without a worry. That’s the good thing about being a ghost for Arthur - but it can often make the other monsters quite jealous. You see, the other monsters can be seen and so they can’t very often visit the human cities; they are only allowed to visit on the full moon, festivals and Halloween.

Arthur lives in the human city, most ghosts do, it’s much cheaper to move into an already furnished human’s house. Also, being quite the introverted species they enjoy the human company (or the lack of). It can take some getting used to being looked at and touched when ghosts living with humans head back to Hallow city - you see, monsters see ghosts just as well as each other, sometimes even clearer. 
And so this is why - Arthur, so used to not being seen, hates the first day of school and meeting all the new students at Hallow High in the month of Halloween. 

Frank JR is the perfect prefect and makes his Dad very proud. But it’s hard to not feel the pressure when you’re dad is the one and only Frankenstein - the only human allowed to know of and live with the monsters. Oh and also one of the greatest scientists of all time. So Frank JR needs no introduction on his first day of school, he’s one of a kind - literally. His Dad never attempted to create life again after Frank JR; instead becoming the lead surgeon of the city ( sewing many limbs to many zombies who have have lost them ). His Dad always tells Frank JR that being the one and only created life makes him special, but Frank JR struggles to agree. Especially as he walks through the school ground seeing the clusters of groups forming, the witches, the ghosts, the goblins and the mermaids - their eyes watching him and lips chattering about him. As he stands awkwardly waiting for the bell he decides, that he may not have a group of people who look like him but that doesn’t mean he won’t find a group of people who just like him for who he is.

Carl couldn’t find a bag big enough for him, it’s hard being a monster so tall. And the big and tall monsters shop had limited stock and had no bags left at all by the time he went. Carl gets annoyed by how the shops don’t cater for bigger monsters, he’s had to sellotape two pencils together to feel comfortable writing and finds it hard to keep in the tiny lines of his work books. what aggravates Carl most though, is that monsters with more than two eyes don’t get a discount on glasses or contact lenses. Carl has to pay five times more than the average monster for his contact lenses! Five pairs of contacts a month is very expensive! So Carl’s demeanour the majority of the time is well- pretty grumpy. Growing up in a world not made for him has left him with a glass half empty outlook, well, - at least he isn’t a big foot.

What humans don’t know, is that their beloved circus act - the clown, is inspired by a true monster. Clown monsters are born with a big, round, bright red nose, pale white faces and a mouth stuck in a frown. They often fumble and tumble, trip with their over sized feet and make A LOT of mistakes. But the clown is the happiest being on earth, the deeper the frown the happier the clown. And Chuckles, on his way to school, has a very down frown. He loves school, and meeting new people and learning new things. He can’t wait for the day to begin, can’t you tell?

14. Malcolm 
Malcolm hates having to leave his swamp for the first day of school. Inside the swamp is warm and gooey and smelly...and Hallow High is ehh... neat and clean. He leaves a trail of his swamp wherever he goes and so he’s been told by the school to wear more clothes and a good pair of shoes. However, the most he will agree to put on are a pair of swim shorts - everything else just sticks to him. There is one thing that annoys him about the swamp though, and that’s littering! Because of Malcolm’s swamp like skin, the litter thrown into his swamp home can often get stuck on him, and it’s a nuisance to get out. So he’s joined the ‘Keep it green’ club at school, helping to pick up litter and educate his fellow classmates on the harm it causes. 

Timmy is tall, very tall. He’s taller than all the monsters and all the trees and definitely taller than the building of Hallow High. Because Timmy can’t fit in the school, he sits by the school in a large wooden chair with the window open so he can hear the class. They made sure all his classes are on the second floor, so when he’s sat down on his chair, the windows line up perfectly with his head, and he can see into the classroom as well as hear. Sally always opens her window as well, so she can talk to Timmy and keep him company - Unlike most of the students who like to close the curtains on him and giggle the other side. So Timmy is always pleased when he sees Sally coming into the classroom to sit next to him. He may blush a little too. 

21. GRIM
Grim is the oldest of the Reaper family children. The Reapers are royalty in the monster world, known for the fear they hold against all humans and the work they do getting rid of them. However, things are changing - with the new generation growing up there comes new ideas, opinions and beliefs. And these youngsters don’t want the monster world to run on the fear of humans anymore. It has made a sudden shift in how the monster world runs and how it sees the humans. After how the humans treated the monsters in the past, they became angry and separated themselves from the humans, working to find any way to get revenge, it was even a class taught in school. Now, monsters holiday in the human cities and even live there as well. It’s not how it used to be- and the Reapers are finding it hard to accept. 
Grim doesn’t want to follow in the footsteps of his family’s work, he hates scaring the humans; he wants to be a vet and take care of the animals of the monster world. But he’s scared, he knows his Dad won’t react well, it’s all on his shoulders and he’s feeling the pressure. He’s just hoping his Dad accepts the changing world around him sooner than later and also accepts him for who he is.

24. VLAD
Vlad is in love. He spent an hour this morning choosing his outfit ( his favourite tie, sock and trouser combo) and ironed them meticulously. He slicked back his hair, shaved the couple hairs on his upper lip and pulled on his favourite cape. He was ready to go. He walked to school with a shuffle, a nervous frown and a blush sat on his cheeks; his carefully selected gifts swinging in his hands. He had spent the whole weekend choosing his gifts for his love, taking advice from his parents. His Mother (Marguerite) telling him to hand pick some pretty flowers and his Father (Dracula) proclaiming “THE DEADER THE GIFT, THE BETTER THE GIFT!” So Vlad, after some hard thinking, decided on a couple of day old handpicked flowers and a rat he had found behind the bin in his garden. He thought the balance between the prettiness of the flowers (a very human tradition) and the darkness of the dead rat would be a perfect gift for any monster around. Vlad stood at the gates of Hallow High, the students bustling through around him, he had froze. He couldn’t declare his love to them, what had he been thinking! He started to turn, planning on throwing his gifts behind a tree somewhere when he caught eyes with his love. They were walking towards him, a smile on their face and a small wave being shyly offered. Vlad had a surge of confidence, turning back to face the gate and making his way towards his love, flowers and rat confidently in hand.

Daphne loves animals, she’s always bringing injured or lost animals to her home, even sometimes dead animals that she feels the need to bury herself ( a thing her parents still aren’t very happy with). She has ten cats, five dogs, a lizard, a tarantula and many chickens. It’s the one thing that puts her in a good mood, not that you’d ever know. Daphne has trouble making friends with monsters, her cold demeanour and resting please leave me alone face, often means other students don’t like to approach her. It bothers her a lot but instead goes home to cuddle with one of her many animals - knowing that they’d never judge her so easily.


Wendy’s parents were hoping their daughter would be starting her first day of school at the Elfin Academy for Faeries. However, her parents are unwillingly dropping Wendy off at the gates of Hallow High this morning, dread pitted at the bottom of their stomachs. Wendy’s Dads are typical faeries, elegant and graceful with the manners of a saint, so they obviously wanted Wendy to attend the school that reflected just those characteristics. However, Wendy never felt like a ‘proper’ fairy, she is rough on the edges, only wears black and carries a little bit of anger everywhere she goes. So Wendy refused to go to the ‘stupid elfin school’ and instead declared she would be attending Hallow High, a school for monsters. Hallow High is quirky and dark, a place for misfits of all kinds and exactly where Wendy felt at home. Faeries don’t usually socialise outside their species, so it came as shock and so did all the monstrous students walking past them on their way to the school. Wendy left her Dads with nervous faces, kissing them both on the cheek and heading to Hallow High, waving to a student waiting for her at the gate. 

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